CALC: Trig and Machinist Calculator for Windows

Started by John Raabe, January 06, 2011, 05:20:41 PM

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John Raabe

The above link will install a helpful small program that can calculate the Trig functions and many other specialty calculations needed for machinist work. It was written by CP forum member ajbremer. He also has a version that runs on Android phones.

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Thursday Night - January 6th, 2011 @ 8:22pm Oklahoma, USA

Hello everyone here at Countryplans.

This site is so helpful to me that I thought it would be a good idea to give my software away to you guys for free. I first made the Mr. Machinist software for PC's back in the late 80's. I have never gave the program away for free before but because of the awesome help all of ya'll have been and all of the help I'm getting from the post here - I simply wanted to be a blessing.

Mr. Machinist has been sold all over the world now for more than 20 years. It first started out as a DOS program and then graduated continually with all of the Windows versions.

I don't really upgrade or support Mr. Machinist anymore. I put a lot of my life into that software for many years and now my life is full of other things (building a house). Surprisingly, Mr. Machinist works on most all versions of Wiindows.

Anyway, I hope it works out for you and I hope you like it.

On a side note: about 10 months ago I developed a trig program for the Android Market and I called it, 'MTrig'. It's for people with Android phones. Hundreds of people in many different countries are using it and I find it very helpful in the shop. I wanted to start into development of MTrig for the iPhone using my iMac but house building got in the way. If your interested in checking out MTrig, see my website over at: for screenshots or search the Android market using terms like: machinist, trigonometry, etc.

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