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Started by Epiphany, February 03, 2005, 12:40:47 PM

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I've thought about buying land near Eureka Springs because they seem so tolerable of different kinds of lifestyles.  You have the blue haired grannies along with the artists, creative souls and UFO seekers.  If you get out of the historic district and out into the country, land prices are much more reasonable.  Also, several years ago there was a problem with fire protection due to ES growing so fast and not having the water / water pressure to keep up with demand.  Probably have corrected that situation now.

One problem we seem to have here in Texas is serious drug problems in our little towns and country side.  Wonder how a person could find a small town school system with decent academic ratings and stricter drug law enforcement?


I have no idea.  Our local paper publishes mostly news of drug raids and court procedings.  Loving blow-by-blow accounts from the point of view of the authorities.  I did once hear from a neighbor to a raid of a contrary view.  It bore no resemblance to the official version.

Big cities tend to pay their teachers better (Although for police a familiy of four or five with only one wage earner may still be below the poverty level for the first several years on the job--and rotating shifts play havoc with child care arrangements).  But luck still plays a good part of whether a kid gets a competent AND a good for that particular kid teacher.

I once looked at the memories of people who had one of my high school English teachers.  I remembered her as someone who hammered anyone who was not in lockstep with her views.  Everybody else who posted on that list thought that she was WONDERFUL.


I wouldn't necessarily expect quite the level of education in a small town or rural area, but perhaps a level of teacher that really wanted to be there and could afford to make the financial sacrifice.  My concern is with most rural areas within 75 miles of the Dallas area that have RAMPANT drug trade, dealing out in the open, and very low quality of schools.  And I also know that no where is completely safe, just don't want to buy land and find out 75% of the kids in the school district are addicts and law enforcement looks the other way.  One particular "rural" district even has very high school quality ratings, 98% go on to college, but they have very serious drug problems, including most of the local police force going to prison for being in on the dealing.  My question is - is there a way to find out in advance whether the problems are more within the "normal" range or if they're out of hand?


I would think that the best barometer of rural drug trade would be meth lab busts...but that assumes that every jurisdiction busts the labs with equal zeal. But if you could find out how many labs were busted in each area and compare it to the population, you might get an idea.

Another angle which may be possible would be to see if insurance companies keep track. Meth labs are expensive to clean up and there is often a lot of petty crime in areas high in meth addiction as addicts steal to keep their fix coming in. Dunno if this data exists or if it does whether it's accesible.
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Heh, I did a search to see if a local police department had an online police scanner, but I ran across this "police beat" Old, but  ;D

Love it...8:00 a.m. ? Two black cats were reported running loose on Spring St. threatening birds and albino squirrels. Animal control was alerted.

No drug anything mentioned if that helps.
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Take a look at Mtn. View, AR in the Ozarks.  Great schools, hospital, low crime rate and bluegrass music around the courthouse square.  Like being in the 1950's.

I bought 1 2/3 acre lot on the White River 17 miles south of there for $27,000 two yrs. ago.  Email me and I will send some pictures of it.

Beautiful area.


I know this is an old thread, but i read and and then found this

A simple review of the FBI crime statistics.  Eureka Springs looks okay for violent crimes, but doesn't score as well in property crimes.

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