Torn between two lovers.. Land vs cabin

Started by AdironDoc, November 16, 2010, 09:06:06 AM

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So all was right with the world. I had found paradise on a creek upstate NY in Herkimer county this  last summer. 6 of 10 parcels on the creek had still been available. This was deep woods solitude with a creek that wrapped around the whole 70 acre "subdivision". I snapped up 8 acres. I bought another next to it for a total of 15 acres. After spending many wonderful moments milling around my camp, I was in love. When the buyer of the two lots next to mine backed out, I extended myself a bit for another 10 acres. Now, with the 25 acres, I thought it was perfect. My neighbor, a builder, would use my own timber and build a cabin 20 x 36, roughed in for $37/sq ft. Perfect.. until...

Last weekend, I arrive with dad to enjoy the  solitude of the woods, make a fire, chop some wood, maybe even take a deer (I should be so lucky!). There on my land are a few cars. I felt an uneasy feeling. Who were these interlopers? Eventually, out of the woods across from mine came a group of people. They had been with a broker looking at the last 2 remaining parcels (5 acres each), one of which is directly across from mine. My offer on that lot had been rejected. Tarnation! I had offered only on that lot across from mine, land inferior in every way to the rest (brackish pool, deep ravine,etc). Now, confident at having sold so easily to me, he was asking more on the last. Do I want it? Yes, to keep my little culdesac private. Is it worth it? Probably not! Ah what to do..what to do. I've caught the bug.. Another land buy would delay my cabin. But land only happens once. Especially adjacent land. What would you do?
Here's my blog with some photos of the camp.


I would buy it and try to learn from it.  The best educations are the ones we pay for.  In the future, if you want 20 or 30 acres, try to start out looking for that number in the first place. 

That being said, if you dont get it, and you end up with noisy neighbors on your culdesac- you will regret it forever. 


I had offered $25K a few days ago, the seller didn't even counter but said he's sticking to his minumum of $30K. I upped to $27K today but haven't gotten a callback. What's life without high drama? Almost thinking, "ok just be done with it". d*


In part due to the sober advice of those here, I came up a bit today and reached a deal on the land in question. A sense of relief on my part, despite the higher price. The camp is complete. Now on to more important things like a cabin, water wheel, wind turbine and solar panels.  ;D



Just an update. Not only did I reach an agreement on the 5 acre lot in question. I bought the adjacent and last remaining lot as well. Nicer the second or third time walking it. Also met the bordering neighbor with all the "keep out signs". Great guy who just wanted to keep the ATV's from roaring through. All's well that ends well.



Congrats.  You'll probably never regret it.

Took a look at your blog,  looks like you've got a pretty place.  I love upstate NY.

Former Long Islander here now living in FL.  I've been looking for land in the catskills (maybe adirondacks if I need to go that far north) for wuite some time.  Looking forward to following your build.

Good luck.
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Good deal there not making land anymore.
But they are still making cabins.

Nice place,W
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Thanks guys. In the end, there are no lots left...and no money either!  :P
If I could, I'd buy the surrounding 60!
No land being made, but plenty of cabins, true!

Feels awesome....


I set out looking to buy about 5 acres and spend about $50K, ended up spending twice as much and got 27 acres in a very good location.

Yeah, it feels awesome...
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