Snohomish County WA

Started by Epiphany, January 12, 2006, 05:19:19 PM

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I've been looking on line - there isn't much - at land in the Darrington area.  Found a small house (I think with no indoor plumbing) with 1.13 acres for $60,000.  That seems steep, but may be the going rate.  

Any thoughts?


If I could find a place that cheap in Whatcom county (two counties north of Snohomish), I'd snap it up in a heartbeat.  Land in the Pacific Northwest seems to be at a premium right now.  I've been looking for over a year.....  
Best of luck.

Denise in Bellingham (formerly in Alaska)


Or Skagit County WA...   Anyone with information on Silverton WA or similar small towns in or near the forest area?