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Started by VannL, July 13, 2011, 03:22:08 PM

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Everyone would love to find a place that gets down into the 50s in winter, 80s in summer, low humidity and it rains for 20 minutes every third day...but I haven't found that place...yet!

So, I have been digging to ferret out a location that would suit us well.  We currently live in central KY on an acre about 30 minutes from a large town, and LOVE it.  But, it is not the house we want, which is a small up to 1200 sq ft home with mountain views and plenty of land around to have a large garden, barn, guest house and room for animals.

As far as weather goes, I have resigned myself to a cold winter.  It is hard for my wife to warm up, but we both like snow.  The summer temps aren't too much of a problem, but humidity is a killer.  My wife has a few health concerns so I have to watch that.  Would really like a nice patch of acreage with some type of water feature on it (creek, stream, pond, etc...)  We do not care at all about any utilities as we desire to be off grid 100%.

If that was your shopping list, where would you be looking?
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Try somewhere along the Oregon and Washington coasts----Northern California is far too expensive.
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So are the Oregon and Washington coasts....  It might help if you can give some idea of your budget for land.  Personally, I'm looking at central Maine, mostly to be closer to my two oldest daughters and my grandchildren, who live in New Hampshire.  I'd prefer a location with lower property taxes, but can't get my girls to budge from where they are.  Land prices aren't too bad there, though, if you are out a little bit from the towns. 



Quote from: rwanders on July 13, 2011, 04:54:41 PM
Try somewhere along the Oregon and Washington coasts----Northern California is far too expensive.

I was going to suggest the area around Grants Pass to Eugene Springfield rather then the coast.

pale horse

You are living right where I am planning to move. Reasons cheap land nice country folks low crime some what . I know work is hard to find but my wife is in the health care biz. I am semi medical retired we wanted good schools for the boys and KY is know for good schools. Is there anything that I should know? Kim ???