Looking for 2 to 10 acres in Northern CA

Started by firefox, May 12, 2006, 02:07:15 PM

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Hi All, I am looking for a place to build that is remote, but not excessivly so. 1 hour to town with major
medical facility. Rough roads no problem. Property must have year round water supply. Power is desireable
but not absolutely necessary. Southern exposure not infringed on by terrain. Cost is the major factor.

Thanks for any tips,


Bruce, I have been watching various offers on the net, but haven't seen much that, to me, seems reasonably priced.  There have been several properties on ebay, but I would guess you have been following that source.
Probably the best way is to spend some time in the area of interest, and keep mentioning to folks that you're looking.  I am always amazed by people like my younger sister... she'll tell me about the farm in NY state, with 115 acres, that she was offered for $60,000, but decided not to buy. ( "Why didn't you call me?", he shrieked. [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif])  She hangs out with farmers and loggers at the various auctions and farms, and learns about this kind of deal fairly often.