16 foot wide shed roof cabin

Started by macfield, March 12, 2005, 10:43:19 AM

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Hello                                  I have the little house     design kit plans.I want to build a year round home.The shed roof look is something I really like,can a cabin be done with these plans or do I need to order a 16 foot wide plan.


The Little House plans kit has structural plans for projects up to 14' in width. Changing that to 16' also means you would need to recalculate the floor joists, roof rafters and foundation beams as all would have new higher loads.

Now, there are folks who have worked with someone locally and modified their LH plans but many find it easier to get the Victoria cottage plans that include a simple 16x28 Studio house plan (p 3) calculated for that span. It also has additional information for building larger cottages.

If you do get that plan, email me and I can help you calculate the rafters for a shed roof (which is not used in the VC plan).