28 X 40 California Redwoods

Started by pmichelsen, March 01, 2011, 12:29:03 PM

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I really need to calm down on my digging...

The family and I went up for Thanksgiving, we all ended up being sick and we didn't want to subject our wider family to our germs so we packed up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and headed to the cabin. Upon arrival I was reminded that I need to prioritize some additional heat in there, with our pellet stove crapping out last year we only have the propane wall furnace and it isn't quite up to the task of taking the chill off when it dips down. When we got there (10:30pm) is was right around 40 degrees inside, and with two small kids, no one is happy. But other than that it was a good trip. 

I had only planned on doing general cleanup of the property and pouring the last footing for my little gazebo I'm building. I brought up (5) 80 lbs sacks of ready mix, thinking I would have plenty. I was wrong  d* . Fortunately I had (2) additional 80 lb sacks as well as (3) 60 lb sacks, but I was still a tad short. I don't know why I dug these things so deep, but at least they shouldn't go anywhere. 

I think we're going to head up for New Year's, assuming we do I'll get the last post set and take measurements for the beams. 


Sounds like a nice trip over the holiday.....As for the footer I think your gazebo will be pretty sturdy!! haha...