Alabama 24x24 two-story

Started by sgleaton, January 18, 2010, 08:47:14 PM

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You had asked how to build winder treads. I usually build the landings at their correct height then build boxes that sit on top. If there are 2 winders the first box will be large enough to sit under the next winder above it. The narrow point of any tread needs to be at least 6" deep. There is a pamphlet of stair codes at



I just happened to have that particular site and page # on my fav's so I thought I would add to what you had.

Page 6


Thanks! I will be adding this to my notebook of information.


Are there Blueprints available for this 24X24 2-story?
If so, where can I get a copy - and cost?


Where can I purchase the plans for the Alabama 24x24 two-story?