Victoria Cottage in Central Arkansas

Started by misspriss, April 24, 2016, 08:19:42 PM

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Funny story, lot has happened since I last updated.

We still aren't in the house.

3 kids, drama with in-laws, money problems, you know the things.

We are close now, if we didn't have kids we'd have been sleeping in the house long ago, but you can't have small children in a construction area. And plumbing, you need a working toilet to keep small kids around. We aren't there yet.

I am trying to post current pictures, but it's a fail.


Quote from: misspriss on June 25, 2017, 01:17:13 PM
We've got the windows already bought and ready to go in, there are a lot of windows! I was surprised at how big windows have to be for egress too, but you got to have egress windows. It will look a bit better with the front porch on as well.

I just realized I hadn't posted pictures since we dug the trenches for the foundation, a TON has happened since then.

We no longer live with the in-laws, that did not work out. I am positive we will be fine neighbors though as our relationship is better than ever now that we don't live with them. I'm now 6 weeks away from my due date (the unexpected 3rd baby) which has slowed things a bit. But otherwise, we are quite happy with the progress we are making.

Is it unrealistic to think we might have it livable by the end of the year? I think things will go a lot faster and easier once we get it dried in, I know the interior takes time and money but we will no longer be at the mercy of the weather or daylight.

Haha the youthful optimism. The end of 2017. Haha. Well anyway, did I not mention when I was writing that post that I was 7 months pregnant?

Child #3 was a big adjustment. The in-laws had some setbacks, they had some damage to their property in a storm. We had health setbacks in both our family and theirs. I am writing this from inside our victoria cottage, we have internet and electricity. We don't have plumbing or water yet, but that is the benefit of living close to the neighbors who happen to be family. We are buying our last appliance today, a fridge - found one on craigslist. We're picking up tonight.

We will be in this house soon. Soon. I want to name a date, but I've done that so many times and it not happened, so....


Everything always takes longer than expected, usually twice as long in my experience...   Lets see some pics!


I had *just* finished 1 bathroom when we had our first kid. I completely understand. When I was finishing the second bathroom I really thought I'd never be able to go in that room again.

We were already living in the house and I had no choice but to keep going pedal to the medal. Within a month or so I had gone from never having an injury to putting a drill through my thumb and my fingers in the table saw (luckily very minor, saw was turned off and slowing down).

Then again what's the point of living in a perfectly empty house?