New House Truckee, CA Historic District

Started by Danfish, April 08, 2011, 03:44:13 PM

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Finish details seem to go on forever!  My live-in designer wanted some exterior details on porch.

Finials for stairway

Then came knee braces on porch columns

which does improve exterior when compared to three years ago


What is going on with photobucket lately?


Uh-oh.  That photobucket business could spell trouble. Until this came up I was not aware but it seems that photobucket may be clamping down on free use when it comes to posting the image links to forums, blogs, etc. The bandwidth used every time an image is loaded to a forum page does cost them money and I know many folks do not subscribe to their service.

Maybe there are special reasons this popped here and now?  I have no idea as all my PB images work finehere and elsewhere.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


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Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Well, guess that's it for Photobucket...they want $400 for an annual membership...not going to happen.  MountainDon's method works, but a lot of trouble to view photos.

When back to last post and tried a new now pictures are back, but it is a lot of work to re-link and I hate to even think about redoing posts on the other nine pages!


All photos have been re-linked to a new host, see how long that one lasts!

Finally finished the cabinet work for under eave storage in the loft area.


Sometimes we just have to admit to and show are design errors.  During the design stage I looked at several alternatives to prevent ice dam damage but let others talk me out of anything other than conventional roof construction. After eight winters, the east facing roof has suffered damage twice and was repaired once.  As shown below this past winter was the final straw.  The east side gets only morning sun and the adjacent trees shade this section.  I also feel the heat from two gas fireplace vents contributes to the problem.


The decision was made to strip off the lower five feet of asphalt shingles and install Ice Belt Metal Panels.  New ice guard underlayment and finally the panel system.  Local code requires a fire proof barrier between metal roofing and the combustible roof sheeting...the colored Versashield Class A underlayment shown in the photo below.


The end result.

Cost was about $7 per sq. foot for material and $8.50 per sq. foot for labor.  Believe me that after seeing the work required to install this system, it is a job better left to a professional roofer.  Now all we have to do is wait for snow to test it out.


Snow test shouldn't be too far off in the future now.  [cool]
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


It works great! Hopefully that puts an end to shingle damage.


very good. I hope you get lots of snow. For the water.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


How's that Jet system working out?  I've looked at those myself.


Sorry about late response...didn't realize you were asking about the Jet air filtration unit.  Judging by how fast the filter fills with dust I would say it does a great job, especially when working with MDF.  Having three speeds is a nice feature when you want to cut down on the background noise. The unit also helps to circulate air when trying to warm up the shop during winter.  When you see how much dust it collects it is scary to think about wood working in a confined space without some protection.  Even with all the large equipment connected to a dust collection system, there is still a lot of airborne dust.  Money well spent and the JET unit performs without problems.


I have a friend with a dust collection system. It works wonderfully.  He built a new shop and incorporated the actual machine in a utility closet which cuts down the noise a little. Of course there is still the noise from the saws, etc.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


IMG_2637 by Dan Cockrum, on Flickr

IMG_2638 by Dan Cockrum, on Flickr

Mo and Joe the neighbors seem to be happy too, but probably wish it would stop snowing!

IMG_2639 by Dan Cockrum, on Flickr




The Winter of 2023 going into the record books and certainly challenging our design and engineering work.

View of Garage and problem of where to put the snow

Result of shoveling roof twice

If you looked at prior construction photos you might recall the joking about the over design of the gas meter protective enclosure...well not so funny now...people here are scrambling to dig out meters that have no protection


View out shop window and at catio porch



Good to see it stands, Dan. I've been watching (from afar) in amazement.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Wow, impressive pictures to say the least!  Hopefully you get some moderation out there.....


I just stumbled upon this thread on here and I am impressed! Fantastic work and a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing.