Wildcattin' a 26'x16' in Western Canada

Started by Bobcat Thompson, August 03, 2009, 12:09:35 AM

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Just a thought as I look at the roof.  Be sure you have used a drip edge on top of your fascia board.  That will be important when you install your gutters.  Also, don't forget the rake edge along the fascia on your rafters.
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 [cool] Good job buddy looks like you guys got a lot of work done yesterday!! Roof line looks fine, it looks plenty straight from the ground. Any word on those 3"x8"s did you guys move the rest of them out to site on Thursday?


Hey we are planning on building our deck and need to ask a structual question!  Our house cantalevers 1 foot over the beam.  Can we just make
direct connection for our deck I feel like there may be a hinge point?

I hope this drawing helps


I by no means have the answer for you.

But Just looking at that drawing I would think of two points to raise, I would bring the outer post of the deck in, towards the house 1/3 the depth of the deck. (if the edge of your deck sticks out 9 FT from the cabin then place the post 3 FT in from the Edge of the deck)

Also I would place a brace from the Post under the house, up at a 45 deg angle to the deck.

Structualy that looks stronger to me, but again I don't have any experience in the matter.


It's a little hard to see details on that picture, but I believe you are asking is it okay to attach the deck to a 2x ledger attached to the rim joist. Correct? Then build a deck off that using joist hangers on the ledger and a pier and beam setup for the outer edge of the deck.

Yes you can do that. If you put the footings and piers for the outside edge of the deck the same depth as those for the cabin there should be no problem with differential frost heave. A short cantilever of the deck at the outer edge, similar to that used on the cabin, makes it a little less critical on getting the posts in exactly the right spot. Depending on whether or not you intend to enclose the underside that may make it more difficult though. ??? It's not really a big deal as long as you size the joists large enough to support the weight of all the party guests that might congregate one day.

The cabin edge of the deck will be as stable as the cabin. Brace the outer piers to the beam and joists with 45 degree diagonal braces just as the cabin itself should be braced.

It's important to "think like water", flash properly for that ledger. Spacing the ledger out from the rim joist/wall the thickness of two heavy washers is a good idea; stagger the bolt positions in a zig zag pattern.  Here's a couple of drawings that may help with that.

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Thank you Mountain Don you answered my question.  We weren't sure if we were going to have to pour an extra row of piers and before we went out and dug 10 feet worth of hole and spent 200 bucks on concrete we thought we would ask.  I'm gonna finish up my roof on friday and start digging some holes for this deck.  So at least I will have a deck to drink beer and BBQ on this summer :)

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Hey all. The roof is more or less
done and we have built a stoop in the front.  I'm
exited to start the back deck which will double
the size of our house.

herring bone detail of front stoop


Finally did a little work on the cabin. Going to try to side it before the rain starts coming down.  Were ripping our own rainscreen from some 3/8th plywood we salvaged from a teardown.  Its been a little tedious.  Hope to get the majority of this siding done next weekend.


Hey guys sry for no posts in a long while

Some exterior pics of our siding so far

And we started working on an alternating step staircase.  Im pretty sure there illegal but very cool if anyone wants to know how we laid it out just post a reply.


Cool stairs.  Kind of like a ships ladder.   [cool]

Where did you get the plans - if any?
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Really cool stairs! I too am sure that there is no way that is code, but you cannot argue style! I have a step staircase with open toe in my cabin, and the dogs don't like it.  They would hate that!


Hey Bob-
I like the stairs- very cool yet simple.  I'll be doing a set in our cabin this spring-
It looks pretty straight forward but, any tips or ideas you could share would be great.  Thanks and good work.
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I had no plans and i went quite a different rout then a normal staircase.  Normally i would use a stair calculator. Cut the stringers and put them in place then sheet them.  In this case i just  put the 2x12 roughly where i wanted then made my level cut so the end of the stair would fall at least an inch and a half further from where i wanted it.  Then i went to the top and leveled a line from the top and plumbed down from the inch and a half mark to make my birdsmouth.  Then to lay out the steps you divide the number of steps you want by your rise. Mine was 861/2 so i divided it by 13 and got 6 5/8th or something. Yiu should look for a number beetween 6 and 9.  Then you need to make a story pole and the first thing you mark is your finished floor height.  Then your number in my case 6 5/8th thirteen times.    Then you just plum your story pole up to the the stringer in place and you get marks for the top of all your steps.

Hope that made some sense
Definey google alternating tread staircase theres some cool stuff out there