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Some of us use acronyms, abbreviations and the like in our posts more than others. Sometimes as we read others posts we wonder WTHDTM. {What The Heck Does That Mean} It can leave one quite puzzled. At times one comes up with a completely wrong idea, like the time I was trying to figure out MTL {more than likely}. Due to message context I thought it might be some variant of MDF {medium density fiberboard  :-\} So here's place to compile a list of definitions. Some of these may be building related, some are more general internet/email shorthand. I'll get this off to a start with a few that come readily to mind.

MTL {More Than Likely} it could help in the future if any postings use one line per item, listing the term first  in caps, leave a few spaces and then the meaning. Like this;

MTL        more than likely
YMMV     your mileage may vary
OMMV     others mileage may vary

S/L        skylight
S/R        sheet rock
D/W       dry wall

FWIW    for what it's worth
IMO       in my opinion
IMHO     in my humble opinion (FWIW, when IMHO is used instead of IMO, probably not really humble)

glenn kangiser:
Got any for me, Don? hmm  ::)

IIRC   If I Recall Correctly

BTW   By The Way

IHA= I hate acronyms [rofl2]


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