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I wonder if I'm searching incorrectly.  I know I've read about certain subjects in the forum, but a search turns up nothing.  

Test searches found me no Goanna and only two circular staircases.  

It may have to do with what is listed as the topic, or the first post in it.

Speaking of the former, we haven't heard from Jonsey in a while.

glenn kangiser:
I think I found your problem.  I tried it and found goanna for today, so I went back and re-examined the search parameters - reset maximum days to 100 days and all the goannas showed up- but Jonesy wasn't with them. So I would say to reset the day filter to 100 or more days then all will show. ;D


Now all we need to find is Jonsey.

John Raabe:
I just changed the default time length for searching to 360 days. This should give better results. Here's the question I asked at the support forum for YABB (the free software this board uses).

"There may be a FAQ on this somewhere, but I want to extend the standard default search window from 7 days to something like 180 or 360 days. Most of my visitors don't look through all the settings, type in a several word seach string and then come up with no hits.  

How can I modify the defaults to give them a better batting score?"

I got the suggested solution (that Worked!) only ten minutes after I posted the question! Great software and great user support.


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