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PhotoBucket Change of Service Terms Affects CountryPlans Forum (July 1, 2017)

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--- Quote from: HillGirl on March 02, 2019, 06:00:20 PM ---This topic explains why I don't see image avatars or posted topic images!

--- End quote ---

Well, not really.  Photobucket made a further adjustment to their policy and presently any images that are hosted on PB do appear in forum topics, but with a medium sized "hosted by photobucket" watermark in the lower left of each image. However, if the original poster of the image has closed their PB account or deleted the photos or moved the images without changing the link, then the images are gone.

My PB images show once again wherever on this forum I had posted them. I just checked a few minutes ago and still see the ones I looked for, so if the images do not show it is because of some other reason.   I am not sure what you mean by " Could you allow link overs FROM your site to the individual's image link?  I remember clicking journal cuts from live journal when members had IP or photos that took.up too much space in a fast moving discussion"   Perhaps send me a PM wiyth an expaned explanation?

Just to include this in the conversation: If the owner ever decides to accept donations for the site in the future (I get that they don’t for now), just an fyi that you don’t need to set up as a 501c3 and go through all that hassle. You can use crowdfunding (such as GoFundMe) with very little footwork and post the link here for people to contribute. Although they do take 3%. These are considered by the IRS to be personal gifts which in most circumstances aren’t taxed as income, either.

Re linking to images: Also wanted to add another idea to this thread in case it helps someone- You can paste images into a Google doc and include the non-editable (“View-only”) Google doc link in your post on CP. Personally I think it’s less of a pain than dealing with Google images :) You can also add images to Google sheets, which is probably what I’ll end up doing, because you can have several sheets in one file which users can then toggle through. If you delete or “Hide” the remaining columns or rows you’re not using, it’s very clean-looking. They are both very reliable. Not sure if there’s hindrances in the user agreement. Another method in case.


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