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1.  From what I have read online, the IRC has the parts of the IBC that applies to 1-2 Family Dwellings.  Hampshire county WV planning office shows that they want you to comply with the IRC and the IBC for a single family home.  I don't know what parts of the IBC I need to consider. 

2.  I do see that the IBC has Chapter 24, Glass and Glazing and the IRC does not.  The IBC applies to commercial and residential building.  Can I ignore IBC Chapter 24 for my cabin? 

My understanding is that a detached 1 or 2 family residence, no taller than three stories is to be built under the IRC. Everything else is IBC. I am not sure what applies to Townhomes... I believe if the units all have separate entrances they are IRC. So a cabin should be IRC.

My understanding is that the part of the IBC that you comply with for 1 and 2 family residential is the IRC. In other words for a residence you are complying with the IBC by following the prescriptions in the IRC. If you stray outside of those prescribed methods then you fall under the IBC, which basically means, call an engineer. Chapter 3 of the IRC covers glass and glazing for residential.

Thanks guys. That makes sense.  It is what I was thinking.  I'll let ya know what the county says when I call them to inquire. 

Glazing.  The 8% glazing requirement is difficult to protect.  The cabin will be located two miles past the edge of nowhere and thus very vulnerable.


Not wanting to be a "Gloomy Gus" I must say that I used to think that being hidden was good.. that being out of sight made it less likely to be hit by the bad guys. However our burglary experience has proved how wrong I was. It did take almost ten years but when the bad brothers found us, I figure they were on site, taking careful inventory and taking everything they thought valuable. The remoteness lent them time to look at everything and select what they wanted and then take time to cart it off. They must have been there a full day. I am still discovering small missing things... a bike tire pump I only used once a year is the latest object. Install windows and plan for steel shutters or something at the same time. Maybe build concrete walls.  :-[


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