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The Miserable Neighbors

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We live in Oklahoma. 4 years ago we moved from the city to the country.
This past year we have had problems with the neighbors.
They visit once or twice a year, ( tourists ). The last time they were
here, they did thier own survey, and put up T-posts and left.
They are not qualified surveyors. Pretty much they just adjusted
the property line to suit them. This action took alot away from us.
When we moved here, we found the original iron pins that was
put down according, to our deed which was done in 1964.
The reason we did that is because we put up a couple of
storage sheds, and we did not want to go over the line. Now we have a
problem that I don't know exactly how to approach. I do not think that
it is legal what they did. They cannot communicate civilized. Any Ideas??

Texas Tornado:
I have found that fencing helps keep neighbors friendly....Fence off your property to the original pins.... ;)


   Hire a lawyer and send a demand letter . . .

Get yer own registered surveyor to confirm/mark the corners
(their opinion in writing regarding/confirming neighbors encroachment may come in handy later)

Set your own fence line conforming to above

Certified letter to "neighbors" politely/firmly stating their trespass/encroachment and your displeasure in same

Been there, done that X2

Consulting an attorney would not hurt - money well spent (likely)

If you have a copy of the plat and an as-built (prob needed it if you ever financed your property), you should be able to confirm property lines with neighbor. They might just not know how to lay it out or possibly thy were misinformed when they bought property. I would try and contact them first and she what their attitude is before going the lawyer route. They may surprise you and cooperate with you to resolve any question in both your minds. Often people will react to our own manner----if we come off as hostile, they will sometime get defensive----then it can get expensive. You can always get hardnosed later, harder to start that way first.

If you have had big run-ins before, the softer way may not be an option anymore.


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