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Started by makhwawa, April 07, 2021, 08:16:05 PM

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Hello,  New to the forum and mostly to building.  I have the 20x30 one story cottage, and 14x24 little house plans.  I'd appreciate some insight into whether I can extend the plans above, to say 14x32 or 20x36.  I imagine adding in extra piers and extending the length.  Does this compromise stability?  Or are there additional updates required?  If there is another post that covers please share.

thanks, Matt


Welcome to the forum!

The best answer for your question would come from the jurisdictional authority that issues building permits where you want to build.  They would be able to tell you what sort of changes you might need to make, if any.  Generally speaking though, extending the length as you describe does not involve any major impacts to the building structural integrity.
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I see where extending building plans are ok, We purchased the plan for the 20x30 one story cottage  and plan on turning it into a 20x40 summer kitchen/ guest room/ storage area. We are in west TN. We hope to pour our slab sometime in late march. We will have a full bath and kitchen. not sure of the roof pitch but would like at least a 4/12 or 5/12 it will be open.  We built a room addition on a home we owned previously and although we are older now, hope to do much of the work on this ourselves. Been looking at some of the posts and love all the great help available. we plan on a 4'' slab with a 12'' footing all around and down the center.  hope to find some good used windows and doors to help keep the cost down. have been searching the local sawmills and will probably go with plank interior walls instead of sheetrock. will raise the walls to 9' and use 2x6 for framing 
Have used Hardi siding previousl and hope it does well in TN as we would like to use that. thanks


It would be worth checking into scissor trusses if I'm reading your desire for "open" correctly.


We will look into those, thanks