Modify my own country plan myself from a PDF? How?

Started by Dougwadsworh, August 10, 2020, 05:40:29 PM

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Hello, I was planning on buying the 20/30 1.5 story countryplan. However, I heard it comes as a PDF... i wanted to make some modifications (raise the loft up so there is a 5' knee wall, shift around the rooms a bit).

How hard is that, since it apparently comes as a PDF?    I know I will need to consult a builder and engineer (trusses issue), but do I just pencil in the changes on the original plan before submitting it to the county for my building permit? Will the county permit folks accept that?

Or would I have to hire a professional drafter to totally completely remake all the plans for me, and print a brand new final EXACT copy before submitting it to the county? IE: I have to pay another drafter person another $500 to redo them all?

Does the county care, or do I just submit the "rough" initial plan as it comes directly from country plans to first get the permit, and THEN pencil in any changes I want and get approved by an engineer for the inspector?

sorry, I am really new to this.

Thank yo u!


Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Correctly, you submit the final plan to the building dept and he reviews and inspects to that plan. Judging from your question and desires a good architect or engineer will save you more than they cost.


Go on fiverr and look for architect services. I'm sure you can get someone to convert it to a dwg and change the roof for $20