Little House Porch

Started by rayn, April 11, 2005, 08:18:32 PM

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I've been looking at the porch details on the little house plans.   I definitly want to do an enclosed porch.

So I was wondering,  should I just continue (lengthen) the post and beam foundation to included the porch,  or just build to plans?  Pro's and Con's of doing it one way over the other?


John Raabe

The porch could be easily enclosed, especially if it will be used as a screen porch.

If you want it to be a fully glassed in porch and you want the floor levels to be the same throughout, you could just extend the length and have and insulated wall between the interior and porch sides.

Such an extension is not a good idea if the space will be open to the weather. That is why porch floors are set slightly lower than the house.
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