Homemade Concrete Paver / Cover

Started by Adam Roby, May 04, 2017, 05:00:27 PM

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Adam Roby

I have setup an area with a fire pit and some Adirondack chairs on the only flat part of my land which happens to be the leach field of my septic system.  The dead center, best possible place for the fire pit is directly over a cover to the tank.  The ground goes down around this, and the PO put a plastic circular cover over that to presumably keep water from filling that hole?   The fire pit is a metal structure on legs.  My wife wanted me to lay down some patio stones, then put the fire pit on that.  If I move to a less desirable spot for the pit, then the chairs will be in this dip and people will constantly be falling there.

My idea:  I am thinking of killing two birds by making a 3' diameter, 1 1/2" thick cement disc.  The disc would replace the plastic one that is there now, making the area more solid and also making the requirement for patio stones obsolete.  Put the fire pit on top (weighs very little) but with wood can increase in weight.  I could also put something between the lid and the cement disc to lessen the weight being put on the disc.  2 bags of 60 lbs cement should suffice...   and when I call in my septic guy to empty the tank I would remove the pit and disc (should be able to roll it away @ 120 lbs approx.

Is this a terrible idea?
Would it just break?
Would I need steel mesh inside?
Can I add a handle of sorts to help move it once per 2-3 years when needed to be emptied?

I've never attempted something like this before.  Not sure how feasible it would be...

Septic Service Dayton

This is a very bad idea. What you are suggesting could cause severe damage to your septic tank system and pipes in your leach field. This could cause everything from septic tank failure to pipes being damaged inside the leach field. You could also risk a backup of very bad crap (forgive the pun) going into your home. You also risk having to replace the system which can run from 5000 to 20,000 dollars or more depending upon the system.  :( The best thing you can do is let grass grow there (don't hesitate to remove even trees and bushes from the septic system and leach field) and keep anything heavy away from the septic tank and leach field system

You best bet would be to find a another spot of your property and leveling it out so you could build your fire pit there. You would also keep yourself and/or your company away from possible bad odors by going this route.

If you had any more questions please feel free to visit http://www.septictankdayton.com/faq.html