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Started by jraabe, January 07, 2006, 01:20:06 PM

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This is a forum for showing and sharing the progress of your owner-built projects.

In the title please give a description of your project such as "20x34 2-story in Montana". This helps people find info on the type of house they are planning to build. You can provide links to photos and gallery pictures that may be at other sites such as Photobucket or Picasa. Click HERE to learn more about posting images into your forum post.

If needed, you can email photos to me as I will often be able to edit the initial starter post to paste in a photo or two and perhaps a link to the plans you started with (if they came from the CountryPlans site).

Postings here are NOT limited to projects built with our plans.

Everyone gains when you can share your experience and ideas. Thanks in advance for your contribution.  ;)

PS - This is a great way to share your project with others and keep from answering the same questions over and over  8-). Just copy the URL address at the top of your post, email the link to whoever, and they can then visit and even post if they wish.

ED: updated link to photobucket image help topic - MD


Do we need to have our picture somewhere on the web in order to move it here (and if we remove it from that location it goes away)?

Use the standard method of finding the url, copying, selecting, hitting the "insert image" button?


You do not actually store images on the CountryPlans website. They are stored elsewhere and linked in the forum. You can just copy a web address of an image into the image tags (the little picture frame logo on the tool bar).

However, if you link to a photo that is moved or deleted the image link will fail. Here is a technique that should outlast any Yahoo vagaries (Photobucket upload photos are not deleted or moved):

• Pull the image up on your screen and save it to your computer (right click on the image, "save as" jpeg)
• Then review Don's tutorial above using the free Photobucket site:
• Post your photo link from Photobucket in between the image tags and see what you have. If it's not right, then modify (edit) your forum post and check that all the codes are typed right.