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Started by fritz, June 01, 2008, 05:19:33 PM

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John, I hope you don't feel this question/ suggestion is too forward of me.  I really applaud the work you have done here and your success comes from the focus of the site.  As we well know, many "discussion" boards can quickly break down into chaos and you and the other moderators are to be commended.

Here is my question/. suggestion.  Is there room on the board for a forum about small house "living"?  It doesn't really apply to building or your excellent plans, but a place to ask and give advice on:  mud control, living in less than 500 sq feet, storage (inside and out) living and building in the same space and keeping your sanity, just the better homes and gardens realities of living off or nearly off grid and in small (often rustic) places.

I'm living in the dog trot as I am building and I'm learning some new "common sense" rules which didn't apply in the 'burbs.

Your thoughts?

glenn kangiser

Not sure when John may get here, but I think he will agree that it could easily go into the off topics section, with an appropriate title that is easy to find or search.  He has given us that area for anything we want to talk about that is a bit off the building topics -- and it doesn't all have to be radical stuff there either. d*

You could also put it in the general forum as it is related to owner builder interest.  We're not real picky here, so either place is fine.  The search engines on this forum software are pretty good at finding any topic if it gets several pages down also.  To keep your topic at the front just update it with more information every so often.

Looking forward to seeing your new topic.

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Glenn's Underground Cabin

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John Raabe

It is useful to start a new thread on any topic that might be of interest and see how many people want to take up the topic.

I don't want to get too many forum sections (some will say there are already too many). So try using the general structure we have, write up a catchy header and explain in the first couple of sentences what the thread will cover (not that we won't stray of course. ;))

That's how some of our most useful and long lasting thread topics have started. Glenn's blog on his underground house project has had over 800 postings and almost 130,000 views.
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