OFF GRID POWER; various thoughts on...

Started by MountainDon, January 13, 2009, 02:18:39 AM

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I have been looking at some.  Most have short pedestals a couple inches that the rails mount to which allow the rails to clear the ridges of the metal panels.  Just thought I would throw this out in hopes someone would have a recommendation of type or brand.

Dave Sparks

Quote from: MountainDon on April 21, 2021, 05:40:59 PM
We did pole mount. I have seen metal roofs with panels but have no idea what most have used. There is one guy near us with a standing seam roof and he used some special mounts that secure to the standing seams. Your roof is the typical panels that overlap, like ours,  IIRC.

I do not like using a Home roof but have used these on barn. S5 for standing seam metal. Sorry this is late! Busy with fire season and another bad drought.
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Please pass the salt?  Battery?

If this turns out true I'll be all over it! :D


Anyone have experience with the Jackery Portable Power Station? 
Thought about going this route for the CPAP machine. Specifically on recharging. 
How long does it take to recharge with the power station's solar panels vs recharging from power source? 
Searched forum and found no other mention of this product. Certainly not trying give any push towards this item. Have not purchased it. 


I have a question on grounding the neutral wire in a CB panel.

I plan on finally hooking up my 2,000 watt PSW inverter this spring. I will connect it to a standard 6 circuit AC electrical panel box. I only plan on using 3 of the circuits. I understand in normal grid tied main panels, the common leg is also connected to ground inside the panel to create an effective ground fault current path. On sub panels this is not necessary. Would there be any difference when using an inverter as the source of electrical input? Should I treat this the same as a main panel and bond the ground and neutral busses together?

Thanks for any thoughts.
Dave Raftery