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Started by Gras1990, May 11, 2024, 03:58:14 AM

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I am looking into building the 1 and 1/2 story wondering what the cost has been for some of you , less the land , trying to put a plan in order any help thank you.


I am framing the 1 story right now which is based on the same footprint.

It was about 4500 to do my crawlspace foundation (6" CMU 4 high, fully grouted, plus footing, excavated to 12").  Including renting a backhoe.

The framing I'm looking at about $15k all in, plus another 12-15k or so for roofing/sheathing/windows.  I think maybe you have similar subfloor unless you do a slab.  I spent about $4k on my subfloor including select structural floor joists for the called out 2x12x20'.

I anticipate finishing the shell for under 40k including the plumbing from the house to the septic system.  Utilities cost me another ~35k including a septic system, power extension 1/5 mile, DIY power run 300 ft from property line, temp power for construction, running water and temp spigot a few hundred feet to the property line.