Loft Ladder

Started by AHenson, January 24, 2005, 10:25:53 PM

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I have a partially finished attic space located above a 2001 addition to the back of my 1940 house, and no good way to get up there.  (Right now, I have to set up a folding ladder in the old part of the house, climb up through a hatch in the ceiling, walk through the old attic, and enter the partially finished attic space through a small doorway where the new part is connected to the old part.)  I got a glimpse of a "loft ladder" pictured with a set of plans from the website.  Where can I get more info to determine if this might work for my situation?  I would like to just put in a regular staircase from the ground floor of the addition up to the partially finished attic space, but have been told that this would be very difficult and expensive due to the design of the pre-fab trusses that were used for the addition, which should not be cut.


Here is a link to information that has a link to the old forum with more information.;action=display;num=1099331163