20x36 1.5 story with sunroom

Started by ktgambill, January 08, 2024, 10:24:08 AM

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Hello....I've been lurking here for the last year or so while we looked for the right piece of land. We recently bought 7.5 acres in the Louisville, KY area and plan to build a small home on the property starting this spring. Plans are to buy the 20x30 1.5 story plans as well as the sunroom plans to do a self build.  I would extend it to maybe 20x36 and go with 12 foot walls and 12/12 roof to maximize the loft space....plan on doing most of the work myself with some help from friends and family. Thoughts at this point are to build per the plans with the added length divided equally to the front and back and include a wrap around porch on three sides. The kitchen side of the house will be south facing and I'd like to enclose that side of the porch (or a portion of it) as a sunroom/sitting area (recognizing it will be pretty narrow). Foundation for the house part will be concrete slab with the porch built on piers. I've read lots of great info here on the 20x30 1.5 but can't seem to find much actual sunroom builds. I'm not overly concerned with getting a big winter heating effect from the sunroom but thought it would be a low cost add on since I plan to have the wrap around porch anyway. Any thoughts from the group on the basics of what I've laid out here would be appreciated. Is the sunroom enclosure worth doing?




Haven't looked at those plans so can't add much there but wanted to welcome you to the forum!

While it's been quiet of late, we're still here! ;)

My only question is this:  Do the plans include 12 foot walls?  If not, I'd be sure to get that right.  I went with 10 foot walls on my build and an inset ledger which isn't strictly up to code or engineering  ::) ??? ;D but after 15 years it's held up just fine and it was someone here that pointed out he knew of cabins built that way that were 100 years old :D

In any case, I do think doing 12 footers you should probably look at what impact that will have if 4 feet of those walls will be in the loft thereby eliminating the rafter ties (like I did) and only using cross ties (top 1/3rd).


Hello, surrounding the sunroom is not feasible, the area is narrow so there should not be a sunroom there, you can consider moving it somewhere else