Volks Cottage

983 sf - easy to build one story home plan

Overhead View

Printable Volks Cottage floor plan

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View from the LR looking towards kitchen. Sloped ceiling above.

Image from the bedroom side

volks cottage This easy to build Cottage House can be built on either a slab or crawlspace foundation (both fondation plans are included). The roof is trussed with a sloped cathedral section over the Living Room. Optional skylights fit between the trusses and bring in extra light to the center of the house.

All interior walls are non-load bearing so the interior can be revised as needed. The addition wing could easily be reflected on the other side of the cottage for a large family room or sunroom/dining room.

The plans have the structural information needed for building permits and contractor bids. The roof is built with inexpensive lightweight trusses engineered to your local requirements and these can often be delivered to the tops of the walls. Plans include electrical layouts and plumbing fixture locations.

This home is designed to be sun tempered and well insulated. The walls are 2x6 @ 24" o/c and the insulation is R-21. The trusses are "energy" trusses for R-38 ceiling insulation all the way to the outside wall. The plans include easy to change window and door layouts for customizing the layout for your site and climate. The slab floor option includes insulated thermal mass that can be used for sun warmed floors and lower heating bills. Information is included for a radiant floor heating system using a small gas water heater.

Included with the drawings are additional upgraded details (items not required for permit) — interior and exterior trim options, window hoods, and a craftsman style upgrade to the porch.  The Plans kit includes a Project Planner for customizing you plans and getting the best prices from builders and subcontractors, and a Building Department Strategy Checklist for smoothing the sometimes tricky process of getting your permits.

The Volks House Plans Kit includes reprinting rights allowing you to make as many copies as needed for your builder and building department.

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