SunKit Booklet Overview

The complete sunkit comes either as a preprinted booklet or a ready to print PDF file. This file can be opened and printed using the Free Acrobat PDF Reader. If you do not have this program, click HERE for the latest version of this free utility.

Tools included in the Sunkit:

Section A: (This section has 18 pages, but you will only need to print one of the six sunchart pages for your location.)

  • Understanding simple solar and how to adjust it to your climate and building site.
  • Determinging the actual sun your house will see.
  • Sun charts and a declination map for mainland U.S. and S. Canada below the 50th parallel
  • Bonus tool: Roof and driveway slope measurements using the included inclinometer.
Section B: (5 pages)
  • Mass and glass: Using climate appropriate strategies and making micro-climate adjustments
  • The sun tempered house - how to build it and where it works best.
  • Sun room additions - the cost and benefits.
  • Climate appropriate heating and cooling strategies
  • Six proven options for a low cost solar home.
Section C: (2 pages) BONUS Tools:
  • Using the inclinometer for simple surveying
  • Using the tree and building height chart
  • Determining where trees will fall.

Order the Hardcopy booklet HERE (item: P020 at bottom of order form).

Note: The Sunkit PDF file is free when you order $100 or more of plans. Just add the words "Free Sunkit" to the special instructions on your order check out. It will be sent as an attachment to your shipping confirmation email. Link to Order Form.

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