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What comes with the plans: You will receive one set of classic paper blueprints with a notice allowing you to make copies as needed for your project. Most plans are drawn to 1/4" scale on 11x17 sheets. The Victoria Cottage and Solar Saltbox come on larger blueprint pages. Your prints can be copied at any copy shop. We suggest you make a working set and save your master set for backup. Each set of plans also includes a booklet of building advice and optional details for customizing your plans.

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Item  Description Price Button
P001 Little House Plans Kit 54.95
P002 Sunroom, Greenhouse and Skylight Plans (PDF plans booklet)
P003-A Grandfather Cottage - 2 Bdrm, one story 103.95
P003-B Grandfather Cottage - Materials List 35.00
P004 Volks Cottage - 2 Bdrm, one story, Alternative Plan 103.95
P006 The Big Enchilada - our best small home plans kit 117.88
P007-A Victoria's Cottage plans (16' wide) 115.95
P007-B Victoria's Cottage - Materials List 35.00
P009-A 20'x30' 1-story Cottage Plans 103.95
P009-B 20' wide 1-story Materials List 35.00
P010-A 20'x30' 1-1/2 Story Cottage Plans 129.95
P010-B 20'x30' 1-1/2 Story Materials list 35.00
P011 Solar Saltbox Farmhouse Plans 149.95
P012-A Universal 2-story Cottage 20'x34' 165.00
P012-B Universal 20' wide Materials List 35.00
P020 Sunkit site & solar home tools (PDF booklet) 15.95

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