Roof Joists??

Started by Simon Burnett., December 28, 2004, 04:33:12 AM

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Simon Burnett.

John or anyone that can help ?..

Building the 14x24ft flat roof (sloped roof)

1  The supplies list says 13 2x10's . Space them evenly?...or 16 inches apart and buy a few more?, I will be putting 3/4 inch TG on top and using as a deck , daily. (the joists span over the 14ft)

2 I have only put one 2x4, on one side of the top plate ,making only a 1 1/2 inch rise over 14ft that enough of a slope there a good comprmise so the roof can be used as a deck without noticing the slope but at the same time the water will slide right off?

 Any help is appreciated ?   .Simon


For a full load floor capacity on the roof deck I would go up from 2x10 @ 24" spacing (Sht. 2 in the plans) to 16" o/c. This is only a few extra sticks.

See the cross section on sheet 1. You need to have more pitch than one extra plate. I show 2 (3") for a 10' wide building. That is just enough for the roll roofing to drain. For a wider building you should have a min of 4.5" to 6". This will be noticable as a slope on the roof deck.

If you plan to use it as a flat roof deck then you can build a duck board floating deck on top of the roof and level that with tapered supports. This will make the roofing last longer as well.