TJI's in Central Oregon, anyone building there? Craigslist

Started by Thoughts-from-Jules, January 12, 2010, 04:41:34 PM

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I was browsing the Bend, OR area craigslist and they have listed 26 TJI's that are 2x10 sized 22' and 23'  for $400.  Those would have been perfect for our build however without land to build on and nowhere to store that much stuff we had to pass.  Seemed like a fairly good deal, can't remember what those are new though.  Anyway just trying to help, the CL in that area has a lot of building stuff listed right now.  Also there was a 5-ton gas furnace 120,000btu new never installed for $600.

Anyway thought maybe someone else could benefit from these items.
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The local Orange Box has those for $1.25lf so that's about 40% or so off retail.  Not bad if they are the correct length.