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One step closer
« on: September 13, 2005, 04:29:05 PM »
It has been is going slow, but it will be paid for when I am done. I hope to get a lot more done now that it is only 98 degrees in the shade, rather than 110.

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Re: One step closer
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2005, 05:09:23 PM »
Maybe more than one step!

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Re: One step closer
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2005, 07:45:40 PM »
  Lookin good Jimmy :)   Cooler weather is coming , build like crazy while it last ;D  HTBH ;)PEG
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Re: One step closer
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2005, 09:14:31 PM »
I know the feeling about not wanting to work in the heat, Jimmy.  It's been over 80 F here at night  and mucho hot in the day for a couple months-- can't make myself go out there- but the last week has been better and I'm finally starting to get something done.  

Your project looks great.  Hope the family is well.
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Re: One step closer
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2005, 01:13:10 AM »
Good job.
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Re: One step closer
« Reply #5 on: September 15, 2005, 03:31:13 PM »
Lookin good Jimmy.  I too simpithize with the heat weary.  Spent a couple of weekends at my Moms, near Chico, CA, framing, electrical, plumbing, and hanging 25 sheets of 12 foot rock in triple digits.  One good thing out here though, is that without the humidity, anything over 95 or so is all the same, too bloody blasted hot!  Keep up the good work.
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