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Re: Waste line?
« Reply #25 on: October 06, 2008, 08:53:24 AM »
It sounds like you are in the exact same situation as I am in.  Did you reinforce any of your block vertically or horizontalily with rebar or the joint wire mesh?

We're in one of the higher seismic zones, so unreinforced masonry isn't an option.  I used 1/2" rebar at 32" centers both vertically and horizontally, as apparently that's code (actually, last year's code - a bunch of stuff changed in CA this year and it might be different now).  I also put two parallel 1/2" runs in the footing and the vertical was bent in an L so it touched the horizontal reinforcement in the footing (which required a 2x4 floating above the center of the footing to keep the vertical rods in place during the footing pour).  Other than the stuff to hold the vertical L's in place, everything else was pretty quick and easy (especially if you beg/steal/borrow a manual rebar cutter/bender).  Maybe 700' of metal all together for 20x30x4 (excluding pads and piers) at something like 60c/ft.


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