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This tutorial was written for the older software version. The choices are still there for each member user to make; the look of the page is simply different.

Please note that a member can not make changes to their user profile until they have posted at least one message to an existing topic or started their own topic. Once that is completed members may make changes to their own profile.

This is the screen display area known as "personal text". This is a handy place for us all to customize. We like to use it to indicate your general geographic area. This is sometimes very pertinent info to have when somebody wants to make a useful reply to a posted question.

To customize this begin by clicking on the Profile tab...

The screen changes to your Profile Summary. CLICK on the "Forum Profile Information" link as indicated.

The screen now changes to something like this. In the "Personal Text" area enter the information you wish to display.

Next you MUST scroll to the screen bottom and click on the "Change Profile" button. If you do not click tis your changes will not be saved!


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