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Started by Mike 870, May 16, 2008, 02:16:56 PM

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Mike 870

Well, you may have seen my post looking in Ohio.  The boss won't let me buy anything unless it's in Colorado and we can move there. 

Buying land in CO makes me nervous.  I've done a lot of research and it looks like there are just so many pitfalls.  Most of them seem to do with water rights and being able to drill a well.  If you've got the rights, then you have to worry about hitting water. 

Has anyone on here gone through buying land in Colorado?  What else should I watch out for?  I'm not concerned about proximity to electric service.

Location: To be more specific I will need to be within 45 minutes of Colorado Springs ( I can transfer my job there) or Denver and Fort Collins (my wife can transfer her job there).  Only one of us will need a job to start.

Land Use: I enjoy gardening, and would like to keep some chickens and goats.  I am probably a skilled enough gardner to expand and grow for market, so I may want to do that down the road.   Aside from that I hope to be somewhere with a good school system.