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Started by glenn-k, July 05, 2007, 12:46:41 AM

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I had to join some .mov - Quicktime files in order to use another low cost (actually free) editor that would only allow 3 video files.  This one is free and will join 3 at a time - but you can combine them to make a longer one later.  I kept combining until I got up to about 10 joined.

Click try rather than register to use the free version of Movie Joiner.  Other things I have not tried there as well.  This one works with many formats I read -- I only use .mov


Thanks Glenn- another valuable resourse from you. I have downloaded the joiner, and there's lots of other good stuff here, as well. Forum won't load, though- maybe it's not running now.


I didn't try the forum but Joiner made my garden video possible -- couldn't have done it without paying money otherwise. :)