WANTED:  2+ac in Southern CO

Started by APG, February 02, 2007, 06:04:02 PM

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Looking for land near Alamosa / Blanca / Ft Garland CO area.  Will consider other areas.  Please, PM's me here with contact info, location, land details.  Thanks!  


Try Wolfgang Sattler's website:


They are the best when it comes to service.


Here is a web site from a lady who lives there on Wid Horse Mesa, just outside of San Luis there in the Valley, she is selling her cabin and her land up on the mesa, I love her place out there.  You might get in touch with her and see whats up out there.



We are going to be buying around 10 acres out there in the next few months. We might consider subdividing off two acres. What exactly are you looking for and what is your budget? Alternately, we would consider buying a larger parcel and spliting it in half with someone also looking for land-- maybe we can find a large parcel and divide it...


Hi there!  My husband & I purchased property in the Sangre de Cristo Ranches near Ft. Garland.  We have a 5 acre piece at about 9800' with FABULOUS views of Mt. Blanca.  LOTS of elk, an occasional bear.  This property is where we plan to build... and will be off the grid!  We also have a 2 acre parcel in Forbes Park (also near Ft. Garland).  We purchased both properties on ebay... thru a seller:  billyland  Prices were VERY reasonable when we bought ours, although I know prices are steadily going up!!  I would suggest checking into Billyland thru the ebay site... you bid for the downpayment price, with a payment plan over a number of years... I think it's 12% simple interest.  Our payments for the 2 properties is about $200 a month... and taxes are CHEAP!!!!!  
BTW... when buying thru Billyland on ebay... you have a grace period to go look at the property & see if it's REALLY what you want... and also have the opportunity to trade for other properties Billyland has listed... provided you win the bid on the downpayment.  Any money you had previously paid to Billyland is credited to the trade.  We did this & they were wonderful to work with!!  
There seems to be quite a few properties in the Ranches that are for sale... some are down in the valley with lots of sage brush, others - like ours - that have a nice mix of pine & aspen, and other still that are over 10,000' with TONS of aspen... and LOTS of snow.  I do know that from December 2006 thru May of 2007 the area had 271 inches of snow.   We've been there for the first snow of the season -- less than 4 inches when we were there -- and we were wearing jeans, short sleeved shirts & tennis shoes!  We've camped there for about 3 years...tenting... and the temps usually only get into the mid-70's during the day!  Nice compared to Nebraska where we live!  
Billyland.com    is the general website....  or go to ebay... and put in item number 330168565363... it's 5 acre piece on a 30 day auction... still has 25 days left.  Looks very pretty from the pictures he's listed.  I looked for the road it's on... on our plat map... but it's SO small I can't read the road names to see exactly where it is.  
We also have a 2 acre lot in Forbes Park... a gated community with a strong landowner's association... which translates:  COVENANTS!!  I know there are some lots for sale there as well!
Here is a link to look at just a few pictures taken near our lot there.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/14207679@N04/
Hope you find what you're looking for!!!
Marcy <><