More insprational plans from Southern Living

Started by OkieJohn, May 30, 2006, 05:34:14 PM

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Another great source of online house plans.

I really like the cabin plans from William H. Phillips. like plan # SL-731.  His collection of plans is not as expenisve as the other larger plans here.  They do have great ideas for details on a rustic cabit,  some of them are maybe a little on the cute side(like the one with the optional water wheel).


I've always liked this one--it looks like half the older houses in the county here.  Back in the days when I believed I could get a house built in a hurry I even bought a set of plans, it's the one with the curtained off sleeping alcove.  Now I think I need more room for books.


John Raabe

Neat little house Amanda. I would make it 24' wide (with a CL bearing beam) and then it could easily be extended in length. A truss roof would make a one-story version very inexpensive and quick to build. Two story and it would be a slightly larger Universal Cottage. The rear porch could be a sun porch on the right site.
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