Alternative septic for small off-grid setup - HomeBioGas ?

Started by cbc58, August 24, 2022, 08:48:38 AM

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Does anyone have any experience with the HomeBioGas system?  Looks kinda interesting...


Directly, no. I looked into it a fair amount over the years. Methane is the simplest hydrocarbon and the most potent greenhouse gas. In producing it, don't lose any. When burned it produces water and CO2, the greenhouse gas most folks worry about. It is in the shallow carbon loop, that is current sunlight so in my mind it is carbon neutral, you aren't digging up old sequestered carbon and releasing it, you are recirculating current carbon.

The Chinese and Indians developed more substantial small farm sized methane digesters in the 70's. One person to google from then might be Ram Bux Singh, or his Gobar Gas Plant.

The bacteria live in 2 fairly narrow temperature ranges, or I guess produce well in narrow ranges of temperature, nutrient and ph conditions. Earth temp bacteria work but are slow. The real producers are up around body heat. That can be a chore to maintain in some climates without maintaining and burning product to maintain temps. The one I built but never tried in the back yard was a Mother Earth 55 gallon black drum with a weather balloon for gas storage. I was going to build a compost pile around it for warmth. Who knows, it might work  :D


Thank you for the reply.  I did see that the system only breaks down material and generates gas above a certain temp.  Surrounding it with compost is a great idea.  A major benefit for me is the ability to not need a septic system for a seldom used property.  In NC, it is not uncommon to find land with clay and non-buildable lots, or very expensive septics (40k).

I'm guessing the local environmental health depts. have something to say about these... am going to have to check...