12 x 16 Shed - Well It's About Time!

Started by Appalachian Girl, February 08, 2021, 08:43:34 PM

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Appalachian Girl

Hello Country Plans World!! I've been gone a long time but now I'm back. Why? Because it's time to start building!!

As a little back ground, I bought the Victoria's Cottage and Enchilada Plans from John on 2/11/2004 - yes 17 years ago!! Since then a divorce, marriage, baby, and multiple career changes have happened. Most importantly, finally found my dream property and fortunately my sweetie is willing to humor me.

So, before we tackle the retirement home, we're gonna build something a little smaller - going for a 12 x 16 shed designed to look like an old time Appalachian Mountain cabin. Small back room addition and a wide front porch (front of building to be on the long side). This will give us a place to stash supplies in between trips but will also (we hope) look more suited to the area than putting up a standard shed. Building in area with high wind potential and also heavy snow potential (need to find out exact snow load as surrounding areas at lower elevations are 30 psf but that seems off for where we're building). The whole thing is likely to be way over built but that's just fine with us. Going for building confidence for future building project.

Figured I'd track our project here since 1) it appears there is still some activity here - the community isn't gone, 2)it will help me make sure I document the process so we'll have photos for our own enjoyment after the project is complete, 3) if I'm doing something really off the rails, someone might stop me before the wheels fall off (not that I expect anyone other than myself to be responsible for what I'm about to embark on  ;) ).

Since it's the middle of the winter, we won't be starting to build for a few months but here are some photos of our site ('cause it's beautiful in my opinion and to see if I actually figured out this photo file hosting/sharing thing).

Looking forward to sharing our journey as another building based on John's plans comes to life!

Our shed building site...


...looking down on the future home site...


...and another view from the future home...


Appalachian Girl

...and another view from the future home...



Welcome back!

That's a nice looking property.  Shame about the view.  ;)
My cabin build thread: Alaskan remote 16x28 1.5 story


Beautiful property, looking forward to seeing/reading the progress.

Nate R

Great to see you're still going to be able to make the dream happen!

How much land on the property there? Beautiful!


Nice house site, N Carolina high country?
And yes, you have a lot of "fetch" for wind, that looks like the SWR, special wind region by exposure and elevation, usually 110 mph design wind speed.


Beautiful spot.

Always glad to see new projects posted here.


Nice spot!  Did you get the build started?