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Electrical Load Center/Breaker Box selection
« on: November 20, 2019, 07:01:40 AM »
I am heading to Tennessee Friday night, and one of my goals is to install the Load Center.  The Electronics for my solar are Schneider (thank you, Dave), so I planned to go with Square D for the load center just to keep it in the family.

Square D has at least 2 lines, Homeline and QO.  The big box store selection seems to be migrating to the Homeline.  There is also a Qwik-Grip option, which replaces the standard knockouts and clamps with slotted plastic guides for getting the wires out of the box.

I am hoping you have some suggestions to help me select a load center I will be happy with.

The solar panel has a breaker for the AC out to the load center, so I expect I really don't need a main cutoff in the load center, but am leaning to getting one with a main just to have a convenient way to disconnect the power when working on breakers, etc.

Again, any suggestions?  Lessons learned?  Help me spend my money wisely.


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Re: Electrical Load Center/Breaker Box selection
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2019, 08:04:10 AM »
We went with the 200A Homeline with Qwik-grip.  Didn't need 200A (inverter output is 60A), but wanted more breaker slots than were available in smaller panels.  The value-pack had breakers I needed, and made an attractive price.  Wired from the inverter to the panel, and installed a couple of breakers to properly protect existing circuits.  Panel installed easily and, with a little practice, I am warming up to the Qwik-grip.

Downside?  That 200Amp main breaker is a little tough (for me) to switch on.  It is a big'n.

Also hooked up a toilet and sink to the water and septic.  Slowly becoming civilized.  Did not manage any walls around the bathroom, though.  Baby steps.



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