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Porch Reinforcement
« on: April 06, 2018, 05:01:03 PM »
I need to reinforce an existing porch without removing too much of the existing structure.

There is a ledger board (needs to be lagged better to the house), and on the opposite side it is fastened to a concrete beam that has 3 concrete piers holding it up.  This was an existing structure, so I don't know the depth of those piers, or how that end of the ledge is fastened to the concrete since I don't actually see anything there.

The idea is to add some support by screwing in 3 50" foundation screws, and putting in two side-by-side 2"x10"x16' beams under the existing joists.  This should relieve some stress from that ledger and add some protection and peace of mind for me.

The beam I am considering making looks like this:

The instructions for the foundation screws call for 6" to be sticking out of the ground to allow for some frost heave (Montreal Canada so 48" I believe is the frost depth here).

Starting from this:

I was thinking to make this out of a 2"x6" PT board:

Putting two of those side by side, screwed through the foundation screw at the bottom and have the two 2"x10" beams go through the slot at the top and bolted through.

Maybe this angle would make it more clear:

Thoughts?   I am just throwing some ideas around.  I won't know how easily I can screw those things into the ground until I try it.  First step will be to remove some of the deck board and then see how the existing joists are.  Nothing is pressure treated on this porch, so everything touching concrete is rotten, including the 4 support posts.  Once the joists are secure, I want to replace the 4 corner posts with 3 walls so I can screen in the porch.  That should be fun... 


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