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Started by rickeyleee, November 04, 2017, 04:20:42 PM

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I plan on having beams over the bottom bedroom area with 2x6 tongue and groove as floor for above and ceiling for below and using site built trusses per plans.  I am not quite sure how to make the transition from loft to open great room.  Typically, do people just lower the collar tie to the bottom 1/3.  I guess I see many options here.  My first thought was to just beef up the collar tie afterward for appearances but to keep the cathedral ceiling look and to have room for insulation, I am at kind of a loss how this will all play out.  To be honest, I have pretty much only seen on the build forums, the great room framed with typical rafters and beam.  I guess I could keep the same configuration of the loft throughout the great room but a 12 foot horizontal ceiling in the great room doesn't really appeal to me.   Any suggestions   

John Raabe

I wonder what a local truss company might suggest for
the two conditions.
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