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Library sounds good.  

I was going to say "but they won't be blueprints" but the process was invented in the 1840's.  Good thing I looked it up.

Blueprinting is the older method, invented in 1842. The drawing to be copied, drawn on translucent paper, is placed against paper sensitized with a mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. The sensitized paper is then exposed to light. Where the areas of the sensitized paper are not obscured by the drawing, the light makes the two chemicals react to form blue. The exposed paper is then washed in water. This produces a negative image, with the drawing appearing in white against a dark blue background.

If somewhat later would work, look up the Mid-West Plan service plans--frequently available for download or on paper for very little through your local agricultural extension office.  For some reason I think North Dakota has an excellent selection.  They have odd things like--what were they called--travel court cabins from the thirties, and IIRC, an adobe house or two.

I don't remember seeing one specifically from the west, but plan books (drawing/photograph this many years later) or kit house catalogs are certainly around--check the Dover Press listings for moderately priced ones.  


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