20x30 single story wall height

Started by drschab, January 04, 2017, 12:30:17 AM

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Responses to a previous topic by bearmech indicate that it is okay to increase the walls to 10' from the 8' shown on the plans.  Does this impact the structural requirements for the building?  Would the interior walls still be okay as non-load bearing? 
I am new at this and would like to have a better feel for this before I go discuss it with the local building department.  Thanks for any insight you can offer.

John Raabe

I do not know any codes that do not allow 10' high side walls in a single or two story house. I show 2x6 framing in these plans but that is primarily for better insulation not extra structural strength. 10' high side walls do not affect the floor joist or roof loading. None of the interior walls need to be load bearing because of 10' tall side walls.
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Thanks for the quick response.  I had interpreted the code this way as well and just wanted someone else to weigh before I meet with the building official so I can comfortably support my design modification.