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Super Deal on a Great Flashlight
« on: August 27, 2015, 05:17:42 PM »
If anyone is interested in a small (120 mm x 24 mm diameter or 4.72 x 0.94 inches) very bright great quality flashlight this is for you. This is not a cheap piece of Chinese junk. The light was designed by a group of flashlight crazies scattered around the US and Europe. They all belong to the Budget Light Forum, one of a few forums that cater to folks who are crazy about bright flashlights. They negotiated manufacture to their demanding specs with a Chinese manufacturer. The lights are being sold through a Chinese based web vendor with a special discount code. $40 to the general public; $25 with discount. This group deal may terminate any time, but the response has been great so who knows when it may stop.

One warning; the light uses an 18650 size Litium Ion cell (battery), what the Tesla car runs on. This is rechargeable, so you need a charger. AA size batteries will not work. The light uses a copper printed circuit board for better heat dissipation, not many lights do especially cheap ones.

How bright? On turbo with a good 18650 it's about 1200 - 1400 lumens. Real lumens, not the exagerated lumens we see on cheap ebay, etc websites. Less than a minute at that brightness. User programmable to either 4 or 7 levels that go on down to what is called moonlight.

To get the discount code you need to be a member of the Budget Light Forum. That's easy and free just like here.  The registration button may be hard to find. They have it in the left sidebar, part way down the page.

Once registered go to this topic. Send a PM to bugsy to get the discount code.

Then go to  Order a light or two, or....  Apply the discount code in the checkout process and a discount gets applied to make the cost per unit $25. Standard two to three week shipping is free. Optional shipping is faster and costs extra.

You get to choose the tint or color temperature of the light. Tint 5A is the warmest at 4000 degrees K. Tint 3D is  5000K and tint 1A is 6500 K.   If you aren't sure what that means this may help.  Tint 1A usually has the highest lumen output. But I like 3D best of the three offerings.

I got one in July and ordered a couple more today and thought maybe someone here could be interested.
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