Sneaky way to raise prices

Started by MushCreek, January 10, 2014, 05:02:52 PM

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One of the 'advantages' to being under construction for several years is watching the price of materials. Case in point: When I built my barn a little over two years ago, the man door was $106 at Big Orange. Over the next couple years, they crept up, as expected. I went to get the man door for the garage, and the entry-level door was up to $129. That's a pretty good increase as-is, but then I noticed that the cheap doors are now only drilled for a doorknob- no deadbolt. To get it drilled for two holes, you have to go up to the next level- $159. Being a bit paranoid, I went home and compared. The 2 y/o door on my barn is the same model number as the one holer, only it came with both drillings. Not having the right size hole saw for a steel-clad door, I ponied up the considerably additional money and bought the door ready to install. Most homeowners are going to face the same situation, and now pay $159 for a door that was $106 2 years ago! The pricing at Big Blue was identical, and their low-end door only has one hole as well. Grrrrr!

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