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When it leaks, it pours...
« on: June 23, 2013, 10:02:08 AM »
We were planning our vacation for this summer, wanting to rent a chalet up north on a lake.  I wanted to expose my daughter to the great outdoors, and thought as a first step to setup my tent in the basement.  (Idea to slowly move outdoors then the woods).

Well, it turned out a little TOO realistic.  Woke up soaking wet... our hot water tank burst during the night.  Wouldn't you know, it is a national holiday here in Quebec, anyone you call to come fix it is charging double-time. 

$1092.26 all said and done.  Bank account is flat out empty.  No vacation this year... I guess we'll sit around the new hot water tank and eat marshmallows.

Now to unpack all of the wet boxes, find somewhere to dry out all my tools, and then hope the carpet dries enough not to form mould or mildew. 

Turning out to be a great summer so far I gotta say.


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