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Started by redbird, November 11, 2011, 02:59:25 PM

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Hi Everyone!

We just bought the Little House plans.  We have 100 acres in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  It's a beautiful area.  The land is totally raw and has a few dry creek beds (more like drainage areas) and a small spring with some slight moving water.  We are lucky to be in an area with record sized white tail bucks and even an occasional elk, at least we hope they continue to roam our way.  There is a small herd located on the Fort and they have been spotted occasionally around the area.   We have a great variety of wildlife here, including my favorite, woodchucks.  We live in the country now and watching the mama and baby woodchucks is our favorite summer past time.  We want to build a little woodchuck shack to encourage them to dig a hole underneath and start breeding on our land :)  Anyone have some plans for that?   :P   Anyway, we are planning on building the 10x14 soon.  We really like the idea of a deck roof, and a loft area so that's going to be a tough decision.  We were thinking the deck roof would be fantastic for photography and possibly even hunting (not me), my bf.  This little project is our confidence building mission to working on a bigger home in the future, hopefully mortgage free!  Then to keep building until we have a fantastic hobby farm with chickens, goats, ducks, geese, turkeys, dogs, barn cats and everything else.  At least that is my plan  :)  My bf might be getting hives about now  ;)
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